Raban is the shuttle pilot captured by the adventurers, who was a shuttle pilot from the trade DropShip_, “Quitzl”.

A capable pilot, his skills as a shuttle pilot are what has kept him of use to the “Dark Caste” pirates.

Easily cowed and willing to go with whomever seems in command, he seems vary trustworthy and glad of the possibilities of freedom offered by the adventurers, giving them most of the information they know about the pirates from System – Hlian. He was, however, isolated from both them and their captives, virtually living on the pirate’s rebuilt S-7A “Starbus”, and knows little of their personal dynamics or culture.

The loss of his former crew has isolated him once more, and he now seems to cling to the possibility of a new life with desperate measures, quickly tying his future to the success of the adventurers present tasks.


A typical merchant brat raised on DropShips to serve as a shuttle pilot, Raban was very much isolated from the rest of society and knew his fellow crew as family and dominated his whole world. He has spent the last few years in isolation, and seems very willing to adapt to a new life as a shuttle pilot for the adventurers.


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