Commander Rebecca "Beka" Ryder

Lead Pilot of the "Pandora's Box"


Beka is the lead pilot of the “Pandora’s Box”. She is a very efficient officer with a particularly good attitude towards her crew. She is not the officious “I gave you a command… DO IT!” type of leader, rather preferring to work with her crew and explain through doing. She is just as able to laugh and joke with them as she is to issue commands and for the most part, they treat her with the respect she deserves.

Beka Ryder is a Regular NPC Dropship Pilot.


Beka Ryder is the type of woman people are often trying desperately to win her affections, but she tends to just roll her eyes and ignore them. Behind this beautiful exterior however is someone who does have a driving will and is quite able to take care of herself in difficult situations. She doesn’t like to be threatened and considers being a female commander of her own ship has taught her when and how to be aggressive with enemies.

Her brother, Raphael, is something of a useless individual, who has talents in the Aerospace field, but never seems to turn the family trade business into anything of value, much like their father before them. Despite this, she tries to speak well of her family, and takes quick offense if someone presents evidence of their failings.

Her relationship with Fionna Lord can be awkward. She has a wit and guile that can sometimes be over Fionna’s head, and she does not appreciate someone putting her crew in danger without consulting her first. She refuses to be treated as a “subordinate”.

Commander Rebecca "Beka" Ryder

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