Trooper Christina Constantine


Trooper Christina Constantine is a Shadow Recruit, who presently pilots the unit’s VTR-9B Victor, equipped with an orbital communications array. Recently assigned, she is still rather new to the position, but of proven loyalty and willing to learn her position.

Young and only a few years out of her formal education in the Iron Dingoes educational branch, she was chosen for her abilities with communications, as well as her loyalty to the unit. In addition, she has skills regarding Computers_, Tech : Mech and Administration. She speaks several languages passingly well, including Italian, German, French, and Spanish, in addition to her native English. She is also known to have an interest in music, and can play several instruments.

Trooper Constantine is a Green Mech Pilot NPC, and Green Communications NPC.


Trooper Christina Constantine is a younger daughter whose parents serve the line unit as cooks, while her older brother Michael is a mechanic in the unit’s reserves.

Recruited straight out of the Garrison Military Academy, where she gained a Bachillerato los Militares at the age of seventeen, and began her career as a Shadow Recruit under LtJG Jessica Burlingame “Slayer”. She served in this position for two years, until she was chosen as the replacement for MechWarrior Faith Whinyates “Faith” in mid-3030, when that worthy retired from the line as a Mech pilot.

Following the unit’s pirate-hunting contract on System – Goria in mid-3031, she was promoted to full Trooper.

Trooper Christina Constantine

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