Rihanna Kali "Warrior Princess"

Mistress of Salager's Arena


Rihanna Kali is an entrepreneur who established the highly successful Salager’s Arena, a Class-5 Mech Arena built near Ciudad Garcia.

Known for her flashy high-style life as a model, a Mech warrior and a businesswoman, Rihanna is a popular figure at parties and festivals, often portraying the role of “Warrior Princess”, though she is actually an accomplished soldier and Mech pilot.

She should be considered a Veteran NPC Administrator, and Regular NPC Infantry Soldier, but has also learned much of fashion, music and leadership in her other careers. In addition to some degree of wealth, she also possesses a gold-detailed SHD-2H Shadow Hawk, and has converted her grace and beauty into numerous contacts across the nation she now calls home.


Born Robyn Rihanna Fenty, she grew-up the daughter of a warehouse manager and an accountant, with a large family in System – Dumassas, from the southern nation of San Isabel. She underwent a military education early in her life, but also performed and sung in public from the age of 8. After graduating from military school, she was offered a place in the military, and trained to be a blue water ship’s gunner and communications officer.

Some years later, she was offered a modelling contract in Sangria, which she converted into a singing career, and later managed to purchase her own second-hand BattleMech, a battered SHD-2H Shadow Hawk, that she spent her fortune rebuilding. She slowly rebuilt her image as the “Warrior Princess”, fighting and singing her way into an unstoppable career, and took it to a new level by buying and converting a gravel quarry into a successful Mech arena.

Today, Rihanna Kali is without equal in public opinion, something of a nationalist, and an independent woman in a society changing before her eyes. While she has largely confined to her activities to promotion of her own agenda over the years, the election of President Albertina Diego became a talking point for her political ambitions, and she heartily endorsed then Governor Diego as a future leader of their nation. Many ascribe her with having provided much-needed PR in support of her campaign, and Kali was a common participant in her fund-raising efforts.

Some suggest she herself might run for office in the coming years, though she has denied these suggestions. Nonetheless, Rihanna Kali is know to associate with Presidente Diego, and might have a position as a civilian participant in her growing efforts to improve the nation’s economy.

Rihanna Kali "Warrior Princess"

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