Lieutenant JG Rion Krauss "Tequila"

Young Iron Dingoes Shadow Recruit


Recruit Rion Krauss, or more colloquially known as “Tequila” by her classmates, is the only daughter of Lt. Colonel Jack Krauss “Forge”, and a recent Shadow Recruit. Serving her first official year as an officer’s recruit in the Iron Dingoes infantry, she was one of the first officer-recruits assigned to * Task Force Dingo from the most recent 3031 graduating class.

Of average height with brown hair and eyes, she appears as a typical Darrian though her olive-hued skin betrays her heritage to those observant to recognize her chinese mother’s blood. Her mother, a junior administrator in the Iron Dingoes government offices with * Iron Dingoes Autonomous District (IDAD), lives in Garrison, while her father, a noted senior officer in the local military, visits infrequently due to his need to travel. While many disregard their relationship, Rion has long worked hard to maintain such with her father, and the two are fairly close, despite his legendary trysts.

Described as “bubbly and goofy”, she tends to use dry humor and sarcasm to distance herself from uncomfortable situations or people, she is also described as “… compassionate, edgy and witty…”. In addition to her usual infantry skills of hand-to-hand combat and blades (also a heritage from her father’s training), she is a noted marksman and highly talented in computer operations. She is considered a Green NPC Infantry Officer, with talents in Administration, Computers and speaks Mandarin in addition to Spanish and English.


A graduate of * “The Dingo Cub Scouts” program, Rion was one of its top-graduating students in 3031, and was quickly recruited to assist in forming the newest formation under the Iron Dingoes banner; * Task Force Dingo. She served as an officer-recruit for about a year, before taking on her own unit in the development of the TFD, and operates with a growing reputation for skill and determination among her own troops.

Lieutenant JG Rion Krauss "Tequila"

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