Executive Administrator Rivoche Carsebloom


Daughter of Milo Carsebloom, and acting CEO of the Carse Technologies Corporation, Executive Administrator Rivoche Carsebloom is the leading member of her family, following the semi-retirement of her father.

A former junior officer of the Andurien Militia (Infantry), she is a trained leader and has both the skills and experience to lead both troops and civilians in intense situations. While exposed to combined-arms philosophy, she is also basically familiar with both the technical and piloting aspects of BattleMechs. She should be considered a Regular NPC Infantry Officer, as well as a Regular NPC Corporate Administrator, with skills in Administration, Computers and Leadership.

Cool, calculating and ruthless, she has an acid tongue and is every bit her father’s daughter. She is ultimately loyal to her family, and will neither endanger them, nor her company to outside influence or tolerate slights against them. Her brown hair and piercing blue eyes immediately mark her as an off-worlder, but she invariably has a smile and is easily well-liked by anyone who meets her.

While she once had very close ties to the Andurien government, she has since burned all those contacts in exchange for the survival of her family and company. Nonetheless, she brings with her a fair amount of wealth, marked primarily by her possession of her own Invader-Class JumpShip, The Stellar Solaris, and its supporting Princess-Class DropShips, the CTC “Aphrodite”, and the CTC “Eros”. They also possess a rare Explorer-Class JumpShip, named The CTC Pavarti, which presently operates as the company headquarters, and her personal residence.


Born in 2996 on Andurien, Rivoche Carsebloom was led a privileged youth, taught by private tutors and attending the Humphreys Training Academy on Andurien, graduating with honors. The initial intense six month military training in survival, small arms use and physical fitness are designed to foster camaraderie among the students, as the instructors put each class through a series of field exercises know as “shared hell”. Regardless, she pushed through it and achieved success enough to be above most SAFE concerns, as a loyal member of the Free World’s League.

She went on to a civilian career after serving as a junior officer among the planet’s militia, eventually taking increasingly important roles within her father’s own company. With the company’s retreat from Andurien space in mid-3032, her father retired, handing over control of the remnants of the management company to her in transit. Upon arrival on System – Dumassas, she announced her company’s intent to create itself anew on the world, in support of the growing political influence of * “The Iron Dingoes”.

Executive Administrator Rivoche Carsebloom

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