Senior Tech Abigail "Saffron" Swiger

Survivor from Sligo


Senior Tech Abigail “Saffron” Swiger is a crafty and capable survivor from the System – Sligo. She is a demure, compliant girl with little understanding of the world around her, on the surface, but seems smart and capable enough to have survived a nuclear armageddon and the months of scarcity afterwards, quite well. Her father is Senior Tech Arnold “Whistler” Swiger.

She is a tall, well-endowed young woman with long brown hair and deep green eyes. She has basic skills to conduct common technical work, apparently taught by her father, and is also skilled at animal husbandry and agriculture. She is also something of a stealthy huntress and capable in survival skills, and has kept-up her skills with her compound bow and general sneakiness.

Saffron is a Veteran NPC Mechanical Tech, though she also has some experience with more demanding topics encountered with AeroFighters and orbital shuttles. She was assigned to servicing Captain Massimo De Luca “Advocate”s Ferret VTOL, but soon stepped back from that position and now works with the conventional air teams of 1st Tactical Air Command in Garrison. During her tenure, she has also picked-up appropriate skills as a basic pilot for VTOLs and helicopters, and has passing knowledge of AeroFighters.

Among the techs of the unit, she is fairly typical; she wears various non-standard bits of apparel, often with her own rough alterations to pad or otherwise make them more comfortable. In more recent years, she has abandoned these “farm-girl” appearances, and wears her assigned Dingoes one-suit for most common duties, but still loves her battered old straw hat, whatever the occasion. In other matters, she always carries a non-standard auto-pistol, a tote bag with her favored tools and personal effects, and she avoids high-tech items like scanners and personal comps, whenever possible, preferring to use simple equipment she can easily repair and maintain.

Saffron has never been identified as being involved with anyone else in the unit or among the Iron Dingoes dependents.


Little remains known about Senior Tech Saffron at this time. She clams to have been brought from a Davion Outback world, in the Kearny Combat Region, and came as a settler to a small farm in the frozen wastes of Sligo. She and her father had dwelt in the ruins of the Gaitlan Center, site of Project Reset’s recruitment efforts on Sligo after the nuclear devastation, gathering supplies and staying out of everyone’s way.

She shot both Captain Michael Anderson “Fixer” and Senior Colonel Kanto Jokukad “Pitbull”, Duke of Tharn in the backs during their intrusion into her safehouse, and was nearly slain in the resulting firefight. In addition to her apparently demure nature, she is notably able to seduce her targets with her naive nature, into treating her with care.

In the years since starting with the unit, Saffron has improved her skills and position, rising to lead a small team in the general technical teams located at the airport in Garrison. While she was offered a more lucrative position with the technical teams assigned to * “The Dingo Pack”, because she wanted to stay close to her father, and she has never wanted much more than her present position gives her; good music, good food, a home to call her own, a small farm with a few animals and a small grove of citrus trees.

Senior Tech Abigail "Saffron" Swiger

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