Senior Tech (Research) Sarah "Sharkey" Richmond

Lead Aquatic Sciences Technician


Young and pretty, Senior Tech Sarah “Sharkey” Richmond only graduated from Susi College on System – New Syrtis in 3020, but has proven smart and innovative in her studies. A marine biologist, with experience in the aquatic biodiversity fields, and is both a skilled diver and a talented student of planetary ecology. Her specialty is oceanic predators.

“Skarkey” is officially based from the dockyard in The District of Garcia town of Melang, where she keeps an apartment and her assigned Aquarius Research Submarine. She also tends to spend the remainder of her free time aboard “The Factory” biology research labs, where she studies the station’s extensive database on the planet’s flora and fauna.

She and her team are officially rated as Regular NPC Marine Biologists.


In mid-3022, only two years after graduating, Senior Tech Richmond was hired by Doctor Max Helmut “Moxie” of * “The Iron Dingoes” to take up the lead on a team of scientists, specializing in marine and predator studies. Travelling to System – Dumassas, she was granted a small budget, assigned the unit’s Aquarius Research Submarine, and has spent some months putting together a small research team at Moxie’s request.

Senior Tech (Research) Sarah "Sharkey" Richmond

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