Trooper "Scarlet Jade"


Trooper “Scarlet Jade” is the unknown clone that was discovered in the hidden scientific sanctuary in the depths of Brightwater Base. She has been revealed to be a genetically-engineered “super-soldier”, roughly around thirty (30) years-old in physical development, but is otherwise of an unknown age. She is very fair-skinned, with long red hair, which she tends to put up into a pony tail. Her eyes are blue.

She has proven to have a good mental agility and is adapting to life well, though initially she suffered from some form of “jump-sickness”, limiting her abilities for some weeks. She has proven to be quite adept at hand-to-hand defensive training, being effectively a first-level black belt. She is even familiar with defensive knife-handling skills. She has also proven to have a “Sixth Sense”, being able to anticipate things in controlled studies, such as poker cards and even words in conversations.

She initially had the social abilities of a young child, having apparently spent her entire life in a lab environment. She has no memories beyond effectively twelve to fifteen years of age. Her language skills are fairly basic, and lacks important descriptive abilities for many complex tasks. Scarlet Jade seems to trust doctors and nurses and even soldiers, and has proven submissive when talking with techs in particular.

Her efforts operating among the Werewolves has given her adult friendships and has improved her interaction abilities with others. Nonetheless, she has few contacts outside her fellow troopers, and seems to have no close associations.

Scarlet Jade is presently under the operational control of * “The Werewolves”, and serves in their main line of troopers as a full member.


While the exact origins of “Scarlet Jade” remain murky, she is believed to be a clone from a donor embryo of one Shannon O’Hara (Marcus). Perhaps, more importantly, it has been suggested that she might be a genetic descendant of Stephan Amaris.

In early-3023, Doctor Sid Sutherland released a report regarding her nature, and concluded that she was being reprogrammed at the deep cellular level to be an efficient “super-soldier”, perfectly adapted to the local planet. She could live unaided on the planet, absorbing the local waters arsenic without harm, and likely had an awareness beyond normal, equivalent to a “sixth sense”. The equipment being used was extremely similar to the Rejuvination Suites recovered from System – Gollere, during their exploration of the SAMURAI facility.

In mid-3025, following an informative talk given by Doctor Magnus Schroeter at San Succi’s Universidad Nacional de Sangria, Garcia (UNS-G) site, Scarlet Jade was released from her stasis in the Rejuvination Suite, and subjected to many intensive scans and interviews to gather information regarding her past and present capabilities.

In the months after her “awakening”, Scarlet has proven to be a voracious and highly capable reader, learning languages at a phenomenal rate, and has adapted fairly well while under a regimented structure. The medical personnel assigned to her care had cleared her for association with the greater community, and she seemed to fit in well with the military lifestyle present on the Factory.

Soon thereafter, she began working with the Corazón Combined Militia of The (Territorial) District of Corazón, learning of their ways and also impressing those folk with her survival skills and talents. She was re-assigned to * “The Werewolves” as a designated alternate in late-3027.

In early-3031, she was formally assigned to the Werewolves as a full trooper in their line, and presently serves with that unit in its activities.

Trooper "Scarlet Jade"

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