Scout Kohana "Ranger" Roberts

Line Scout


Scout Kohana Roberts or “Ranger”, serves as a Scout in the * “The Dead Man’s Hand” of the Iron Dingoes. She is a Regular NPC Scout.

Assigned to the Battlefield Intelligence branch of the * “The Dingoes’ Fangs”, Scout Roberts uses a Swift Wind Scout Car when deployed on a target planet’s surface. She is best known as an extraordinary tracker, and claims to be able to shadow enemy forces for weeks, living from the land and remaining unseen.

She is said to have exceptional hand-to-hand combat skills and is fond of using a pair of combat tomahawks. Her survival skills are without par, and she is more than qualified with maps, navigational and communications equipment.


Hired on Dunkelheim at the conclusion of the Iron Dingoes Contract – “Operation : Overlord”, Scout Kohana Roberts is an experienced scout. Ranger has little known past, beyond having served the rebel forces on Dunkelheim during their revolt, and worked closely with TF29 in their activities during the planetary assault. She responded to the add looking for troops, and was recruited into Master Tech Melinda Clarke “Echo”s new force of special forces and scouts troops.

Ranger technically answers to Senior Scout “Scammer” Firdaaz, but in truth, she is left mostly to her own devices. She often spends her first couple days getting a lay of the land from local informants, before vanishing into the planet’s terrain to fulfill her objectives. She is well known for her belief in stealth and knowledge over luck and technology.

One factor that goes far into explaining her mysterious origins, is her claim to be part Cherokee. Rumors have placed Ranger as originating from the mysterious “Badlands”, a forgotten corner of the Taurian Concordat, but she doesn’t talk about it, and frankly, no one knows much about the region. It is said that many of the original settlers to that star cluster were “indigenous tribals” from the North and South American continent, seeking a new world to settle and find their own cultures once more, far from civilization. Whatever her origins, the region around the Badlands are known as a place where many of her people can be found.

In addition to her newly acquired Swift Wind Scout Car, Ranger has a complete set of survival gear, and knows how to use it all. She also has access to a light environmental suit, which she tends to wear whenever on duty. She also carries a high-tech sniper rifle and bears a pair of carbon-ally tomahawks, painted and carved in a beautiful tribal display of her talents as an artist.

Scout Kohana "Ranger" Roberts

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