Ambassador (Master Tech : Intelligence) Selena Marie Demarkos

aka "The Asset"


Ambassador (Master Tech : Intelligence) Selena Marie Demarkos is the youngest member of * “The Dingoes’ Fangs”. The grand-daughter of Master Tech (Intelligence) Fernando Botero “Picasso”, she was a successful singer and would-be holo-star.

Professionally, she was quite talented, and had developed a close and loyal following during her time as a musical performer. Selena had appeared in numerous venues across San Marcos, Buntar and Tragnar_, and over several years (_3020-24) had gained a reputation as quite the player, being seen with many of the movers and shakers of the political and entertainment industries.

In the unit, Selena was known for her humanitarian work, and had studied part-time as a veterinarian, often spending time with the medical teams as an assistant. She personally owns several small “rescue” dogs, kept in an apartment in Garrison.

Selena is a Veteran NPC Intelligence Operative. She is the leading “Ambassador” to * Iron Dingoes Autonomous District (IDAD), and the official voice of the * Diplomatic Corps (DC) at this time.

She presently operates under the pseudo-name Alexandra “Alex” Barrera. She remains known in intelligence circles as “The Asset”.


Born the young daughter of Master Tech (Intelligence) Shakira Isabella Demarkos “Marada” she accompanied her mother and grand-father into relative exile with The Iron Dingoes. Selena was best known as one of the most popular young women in The Dingoes, often going out with a new young man every week. This had, by association, led her into the inner circle of youth in the Dingoes, becoming a distant friend with Tech Jordan Talbot “Trouble”.

She quickly found a place in her grand-father’s informant network, acting as a singer/actress, and had proven very good at that part of her work, learning what she could of small arms and even achieving some success professionally as a singer in The Federative Republic of San Marcos.

As things began to heat up in the relationship between the Dingoes and that nation, she was able to catch the eye of Doctor Garvray Alasquez, the erstwhile baron and leader of that nation, often accompanying him on his visits to clubs, and soon achieved the status as a favored “mistress”. Despite the media painting her as a harlot, Demarkos was able to deflect bad opinion and distrust, by openly referring her time in the Dingoes as “…a phase…”, and the good doctor seemed smitten enough to keep her close to his inner circle. By mid-3024, the media reported the two as being actively involved on a fairly regular basis.

In late-3024, during the Small War and about a month after the invasion of Islas Brasilera, she and her entire intelligence cell were burned in an effort to end the war. Granting * “The Werewolves” access to the exclusive and secure hotel where the various military leaders of the League of Free Nations were meeting. The Werewolves broke through security and slew the entire leadership of the alliance, and evacuated “The Asset” and themselves through the “Barracuda”.

Presently, she is in the process of re-inventing her intelligence network, under the auspices of Rockhopper Exploration. She was promoted to Senior Tech following her lengthy stretch in deep undercover in San Marcos, in late-3024.

After more than a year in relative obscurity and downtime with her dogs, she took the position as “Lead Negotiator” with Rockhopper, assuming the pseudo-name Alexandra “Alex” Barrera. Today, she travels fairly widely on behalf of her corporation, making contacts and selling her company’s services and data to interested parties the world over.

In early-3028, she was instrumental in bringing The Trojan Dominion of Cortez to the bargaining table as an Observer Nation in The Commonwealth of Nations, and spent some months at that nation’s central habitat. She spent the last couple years sorting through the company’s assets and resource contracts, primarily as the company’s shuttle was out-system in a survey of the nearby System – Pa’an, doing a survey mission of its ruined starport in Downdistrikt.

In late-3030, with the acquisition of * The Independent Territory of Borealis by Dingo Brand Corporation, she was dispatched to organize Rockhopper’s expansion into the community once more, and to work closely with Borealis Corporation in integrating the company to the demesne.

Returning to working with Cortez following its formal relationship with The Commonwealth of Nations in 3038, she was appointed as the liaison officer responsible for maintaining contact with that increasingly important nation-state, building largely on her already good relations with the Sebastian-Dawes clan. With the formal integration of the nation into the whole of society, she spent much of her time simply adapting to their culture and mannerisms, but by 3040 had become a common fixture in Cortez, and an accepted representative of the * Iron Dingoes Autonomous District (IDAD) government.

Ambassador (Master Tech : Intelligence) Selena Marie Demarkos

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