Captain Selvari White "Seraphim"

Close Relative of White Death


Little is known about “Serphim” at this time, other than she is believed to be a Veteran BattleMech Pilot NPC, who despite her apparent young age has a great deal of sway over units loyal to Lord-Marshal “White Death” and his allies. Given her familial resemblance to White Death, it is believed she might be a daughter or niece.



“Seraphim” has shock white hair, powdery pale skin and the pink eyes of an albino, and seems to favor grays and russet browns in her clothing styles.

Apparently commanding a Lion-Class DropShip, the Periphery Pillager, she was found to be a capable diplomat, technically skilled in diverse arts, and possibly a superior battlefield commander. She has the unswerving loyalty of the troops under her command. She is, by all reports, incredibly intelligent and extremely wicked. She is known to prefer the use of minions to direct confrontation, and is absolutely loyal to her cause… whatever that might be.

Captain Selvari White "Seraphim"

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