Senior Engineer Martyn

Lead Engineer of the "Victory's Blood"


Senior Engineer Martyn (no known last name), is the lead engineer of the “Victory’s Blood”. Despite his position as a captured technician, he serves capably and without concern. Martyn is a Regular NPC Engineer.

Although not really young, Martyn seems naive regarding social matters, and stays pretty much aboard ship at all times. He bears numerous ornate tattoos but does not bear a weapon in his duties, despite having been issued a sidearm. Although he appears something of a “tough guy”, he’s really not very aggressive, and bows to whomever seems in command.


Senior Engineer Martyn is a middle-aged technician, captured as one of only a handful of ships’ crew aboard the “Victory’s Blood”. He willingly accepted his position as a “Bondsman”, and serves almost happily with the younger Dingoes members of his technical engineering crew.

Senior Engineer Martyn

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