Senior Tech April O'Neil

Lead Tech from Five Rings Technologies


Senior Tech April O’Neil is a skilled technician and former reporter from Joshua’s Station serving Five Rings Technologies, and maintaining the test equipment held in trust from that corporation. In addition to handling a tool kit, she is a capable media savvy woman, and also acts as the spokeswoman in all video footage being taken of the Mechs, tanks and infantry equipment being tested.

Senior Tech O’Neil is a Regular NPC MechTech, and a Regular NPC Reporter. She and her crew serves aboard the “Dingoes’ Den”, though they often accompany their charges into the field aboard a pair of standard Jeeps (MG), both to film them in action, and check data during maneuvers.


Little is known about Senior Tech O’Neil prior to her joining the tech crews along with her equipment, vehicles and Mechs. She has a past serving in Joshua’s Station’s local media broadcasts (Channel 6 News) as a roving reporter. She rose to prominence solving a number of thefts in the station’s docking repair area, and was something of a media darling. During the fallout from that scandal, she lost her job, but was hired by Five Rings Technologies to work on internal matters, primarily corporate news releases and PR work. Eventually, she was recruited to be the lead on the mission to Dummassas.

She typically wears yellow work coveralls, but is known to put on a heavy brown leather jacket when in front of the camera. She also wears standard combat attire during maneuvers. She is always armed with a standard automatic pistol, but seems increasingly fond of a recently acquired boarding sword (sabre).

Senior Tech April O'Neil

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