Master Tech Boden Thrace

Manager of The Fuel Rats


Based aboard “The Factory”, as the senior manager of * “The Iron Dingoes” various processing plants, under The Fuel Rats brand, though he personally oversees the daily operation of the The Factory – Hydrogen Fuel Refinery. Master Tech Boden Thrace is a talented manager, having some experience in the field of operating a fuel refinery, Master Tech Thrace has been given the task of assembling and managing the Dingoes growing fuel production landholds under the Fuel Rats banner, which have developed to become a highly-profitable enterprise on Dumassas.

Master Tech Boden Thrace is a Regular Administrative Tech, with skills in the refining and fuel distribution fields. In addition, he has experience in Freefall environments, and is a former Exo-Ball player.


From System – Cassandra, Master Tech Boden Thrace is very familiar with low-gravity environments, but spends as much time as possible staying in shape and among the gravity commons to keep his health up. While young, he was a talented Exo-Ball player, and is a leading force in bringing this sport to The Factory once more, mostly as a recreational exercise. Known as “The Roughnecks”, they tend to dominate factory sports events.

In early-3024, he was promoted to Master Tech, and given complete control over all the fuel-processing plants under Iron Dingoes control The Fuel Rats, though he still takes personal interest in the orbital refinery.

Master Tech Boden Thrace

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