Senior Tech (Intelligence) Catherine "Piper" Walker

Lead agent for the Dingoes Fangs


A senior operative in * “The Dingoes’ Fangs”, “Piper” is a young former civilian with the Iron Dingoes, who was recruited to head a team for the Field Operations division of their intelligence service.

Piper was recruited young but has proven talented in all the important skills; marksmanship, hand-to-hand, languages (she speaks German, Spanish, French and a smattering of others), and has developed a secure knowledge of psychology. She has proven genuinely compassionate around others,

Piper leads a small collection of three fellow agents, all with administrative backgrounds, but capable in hand-to-hand, marksmanship and languages. They are considered Regular NPC Intelligence Operatives, though Piper herself is considered a Veteran NPC Intelligence Operative. Her team calls themselves the “Alpha Chien” (French : “Alpha Dogs” ) in unit communiques.


In her late twenties, Piper was originally taken into the Iron Dingoes as a dependent, serving wherever and whenever she needed to. Mostly, she served in the administrative division, but studied a wide variety of topics and earned her position through trust and loyalty. Pretty and very capable, she often takes the position as head of an administrative secretarial group seeking work in governmental offices or large corporations. Although she is usually referred to as “Piper”, she is known to affect the code-name “Helvetica”.

She has a sister serving in the Dingoes administrative staff, Danielle Brooks, an older woman with a husband in the general technicians group. Danielle has two young children, a boy and a girl.

As their first mission, Piper and her group were active in the San Marcos nation of Terramatrix, in System – Dumassas, with a long-term mission of infiltrating that government and military, and especially finding the origins of a mysterious Frontier-Class Air Transport, named The Nairobi, that was involved with deeper missions against the unit’s activities in The District of Garcia. Their actions eventually led to the discovery of Brightwater Base, and its capture.

At present, the unit remains infiltrated into The Oriental Republic of San Isabel, and their activities led to the discovery of odd fuel transfers into the border region south of Corazón Jungle, around the villages and town of New Patagonia, and an abandoned research facility at Lake Orlando. This resulted in the discovery of a faction within the San Isabel military that was hiring and supporting a number of mercenary units intent on invading and possibly destroying the Iron DIngoes in their cantonments. This force was destroyed and scattered, and most of their DropShips captured and integrated into the Dingoes own forces. In addition, the San Isabel government was placated and allowed the destruction to occur, learning that the Dingoes were very powerful, and capable of striking first.

“Piper’s” team continues to monitor San Isabel troop movements, and maintain its position and has not, to their knowledge, been discovered.

Senior Tech (Intelligence) Catherine "Piper" Walker

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