Tech Cobb Usher

Dropship Command NCO


Cobb Usher is a Regular Aero Pilot NPC, and a Regular Tech NPC. He also has sufficient experience to act as a minor officer aboard a Dropship.

At present, he serves with Lieutenant JG Dara Gideon, piloting the “Crimson Sands” as navigator to her pilot.


Cobb was a young bridge officer serving on his family tradeship, a Bucaneer-Class Dropship, and under the command of his sister Corla. Cobb was always owing somebody money or favors, and was constantly trying desperate schemes to stay on top of his debts. No matter what he might have tried, he couldn’t shake them.

About a year ago, while dodging a pack of bounty hunters after him, the family lost their ship to an impound under Andurien expanding starport tariffs – an excuse to salvage their ship for spare parts. Brother and sister settled down in the starport to try and gain funds for passage back to Federated Space, with Cobb working as a tech in the starport, while Corla took a management position in a local hover-courier corp. Her duties led her to make deliveries to the palace, where she caught someone’s eye. A few weeks later, she disappeared, and noone seemed to know what happened to her. Cobb resolved to find her someday, spending all his free time doing so.

He spent some time serving in various repair shops, until he was “enlisted” in the 3rd Marik Militia as it geared for the coming Civil War. Recruited into the support service, his past in dropship service drew the attention of Anton himself, and he was given a position aboard the Provisional Company Dropship as a bridge engineer. He sometimes served as pilot for the ship’s small craft, and distinguished himself several times as a crack shuttle pilot. In the final days of the 3rd Marik Militia, he flew a battered Cheetah, whose former pilot had died from wounds, and was one of the few to remain intact until the defeat of the unit on Park Place.

Cobb is sullen and pessimistic. He is easily cowed by those with superior rank, and even his equals can bully him into thinking their way. He avoids everyone when he can, preferring to spend his off hours working on the Crimson Sands and talking to it like an old friend.

Cobb still has his worn AeroFighter flight suit, and carries a standard M6D autopistol, though he admits he’s not a very good shot. He just likes the feel of it, and the chance it might help him find his sister’s abductor one day.

Tech Cobb Usher

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