Master Tech Cutter

Civilian Engineer and General Technician


Master Tech Cutter is a young man, who is nonetheless an accomplished civil engineer and general technician. Although not possessing any specific specialty and lacking extensive knowledge of advanced technical items (like fusion engines or myomer technology), he is quick to learn and adapt, and is probably best suited elsewhere, like in a salvage squad or other position.

Cutter wears “natural” colors, and is fond of raw leathers and hide. His black hair is kept long and shaggy, but his piercing green eyes hint at a family origin from off his birth-world of Sligo. He is somewhat handsome and gregarious to a fault.

Cutter is a Regular NPC Tech.


Cutter was born on System – Sligo, and gained his position as leader of the Technos as a teenager, early in his studies at the Sligo Planetary College. He quickly became a voice of reason, and after helping many of the survivors gather their families and equipment to maintain their professions as salvagers and engineers, he was unanimously chosen as their leader. In the months since, he has successfully kept the group alive, and arranged for them all to leave the doomed world of Sligo.

In the months that followed, he grew to understand what the Dingoes were trying to do; build a home for themselves in a galaxy gone mad. Appreciating their vision, he accepted a position he has proven very good at; lead tech in the unit’s Support Engineering Group, “The Burn-Outs”, of * “The Dingo Pack”.

In early-3025, Master Tech Cutter was promoted to head a new civil engineering organization for the unit, specializing in urban and rural planning of all Dingoes landholds. Known loosely as the Civil Planning Bureau, it was to be based from Paladin’s administrative offices in * Landhold : Garrison, and concentrate on civil planning and development in the future, since Dingoes landholds were becoming both diverse and widespread.

Master Tech Cutter

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