Master Tech (Intelligence) Fernando Botero "Picasso"

Lead Agent for Field Operations


Master Tech (Intelligence) Fernando Botero is a civilian hired by the Iron Dingoes to serve as their lead field agent. He is a Veteran Intelligence Operative NPC, whose skills as a promoter and actor have stood him well as lead field agent for * “The Dingoes’ Fangs”.

In addition to his experience as an actor, he speaks fluent Spanish and English, and is a moderately skilled painter. As a promoter, he possesses a fair number of Taurian contacts, and actually has a substantial personal wealth squirreled away.

His personal intelligence team was known as “Dent des Chien” (French : “The Hound’s Fangs” ) in intelligence communiques, and included his own daughter Senior Tech (Intelligence) Shakira Isabella Demarkos “Marada” as his lead agent, who coordinates the efforts of most of the other field agents in the Dingoes Fangs. It once also included his grand-daughter Senior Tech (Intelligence) Selena Marie Demarkos.

He is known in local intelligence circles as “Picasso”.


Fernando Botero was born in Las Pampas, a small “Iron Wheel” habitat in the asteroid clusters of Flannegan’s Nebula, to an environmental engineer father and a singer/actress mother. The son and grandson of famous actors, he quickly followed in their footsteps, as did his older brother and sister, Carlos and Monica. His father’s political views quickly distanced him from his own family, and he left them when the children were still quite young, disappearing into what is believed to have been the Seraphim movement, who advocate a belief in Taurian isolationism.

Although he grew-up around actors in a family of actors, he saw painting as his first love, working as a set painter and actor to support his goals. He even spent some time as a stripper, though he hated that part of his life. Realizing his love was not matched by his skills, he gave up his hopes and moved on to follow his family tradition as an actor.

At the age of 20, he managed to find steady employment, mostly on his ancestral good name, and spent the next twelve years in various minor holo-plays and films throughout the local Cluster, but never achieved any real fame or wealth. Something of his father within him pushed him to be an activist, and by the end of his career, he was a vocal advocate for unionization of the Actor’s Guild, and eventually moved away from acting to employ his contacts as a promoter of actors, singers and dancers. Within a few years he had managed to make a name for himself as club promoter, and began making his fortune and name in their establishment.

Eventually, Fernando grew weary of “The Game”, and retired from public life. He soon found, however, he could not lead a sedentary lifestyle, and involved himself in getting people in contact with each other as a go-between. His bevy of contacts proved useful, and eventually he led his daughter and her children into the same career. His interest in “Human Intelligence” led him to develop a small network of spies and contacts, that inevitably led to conflict with both local Seraphim and Taurian Intelligence networks, who both tried to recruit him.

He chose another option; Fernando dismantled his network, and hired-on with the Iron Dingoes during their last recruitment drive on Joshua’s Station. Advocate quickly identified him as a person of interest, and he was placed in * “The Dingoes’ Fangs” as an intelligence operative. He quickly rose to the lead position of the unit’s field agents, using his contacts when needed, but generally pretending to be a promoter, where his “stars” were actually his lead agents – his own daughter Senior Tech (Intelligence) Shakira Isabella Demarkos “Marada” and grand-daughter Senior Tech (Intelligence) Selena Marie Demarkos.

Initially deployed across the stations of System – Cassandra gathering intelligence on Excalibur Corporation, the unit left that system ahead of the brewing internal war over mineral rights in the “Free Radicals”, and were then deployed to “The Factory”, where Fernando’s team operated as a counter-surveillance force, gathering intelligence on visiting mercenaries and ComStar. Following their successes in this effort, the unit was deployed to Ciudad Garcia to keep tabs on the growing conflicts in that city, which culminated in their helping the unit’s local contact Técnico Primero (Tech 1st Class) Jordan Bellinger “salt” the local fuel reserves, granting the Dingoes local air superiority during their efforts against the local Guardia Civilia – Garcia.

For years, Fernando’s team had been deployed to The Federative Republic of San Marcos to observe government efforts and any response to the recent troubles in the Corazón Jungle, becoming integral to intelligence operations during the 3023-24 “Small War”. One of his primary agents, his grand-daughter, had become increasingly close to the “Baron” of San Marcos, Doctor Garvray Alasquez, and had placed herself in both a dangerous position, but also a potentially lucrative one, eventually being activated and precipitating the assassination of all the senior leadership of the “League of Free Nations”, and ending the Small War precipitously on Nov 30th, 3024.

For several years, he led the Hound’s Fangs, an intelligence asset that operated under the shell corporation Rockhopper Exploration, which allowed him to co-ordinate with other field agents. This group has since become the defacto contact and equipment supplier to domestic and international agents of * “The Dingoes’ Fangs”.

Picasso “officially retired” in early-3032, taking a position as the administrator of Whispering Dove Winery, concerning himself with instruction and training the next generation of intelligence operatives in the Dingoes Fangs. Much reduced in his workload, the tasks he does now are more to his liking, and the slow pace of the winery and its small student load suit him.

Master Tech (Intelligence) Fernando Botero "Picasso"

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