Senior Tech Glenda Wright

Civilian Support Tech


Tech Glenda Wright is a service expert, formerly serving as a steward aboard the Interstellar Queen, and captured as an LC by the Star Talons. Her experience in the service industry, has given her the ability to assist the general support techs on the “Dingoes’ Den”, where she resides and acts as a Veteran NPC General Support Tech.

Her skills are mostly domestic, but she has also displayed an ability to juggle the resources needed among the dependent-heavy crew of the Iron Dingoes support staff, which quickly earned her a promotion. She is both a skilled chef and a talented logistics manager. She is also a good friend to Tech Marguerite Phillano.


Tech Wright has a long history in serving luxury DropShips (primarily Monarch-Class vessels) as a steward for Oberlindes Lines, a luxury transport company. She was recruited to serve aboard the Interstellar Queen, a rare luxury passenger JumpShip, during its maiden flight into the Davion Outback on a trip to Reaver’s Rift, where it was captured by the Star Talons. The ship was sold at the black market hub of Drellesar, and its crew were taken as LCs, Pearson included.

Her skills in the service industry kept her alive, and her natural good looks brought her to the attention of the leader-types among the Star Talons. She was fought over among them, passing slowly up the chain until she was the personal property of Marshal Graw, the lead assault trooper among the pirates, and a position where no one else dared touch her. Tech Wright sees his death during the boarding operation was seen as a good thing.

She was Tech Marguerite Phillanos roomate durng their tenure aboard the Interstellar Queen, and it was Tech Phillano who secretly passed her vitamin supplements and medical supplies that made some of the LCs lives better. They remained in cose contact, and Tech Wright remained her only friend during the year the two were under Star Talon control. _Tech Wright now serves as a general support tech for the Iron Dingoes, using her steward’s skills to the best of her ability.

Senior Tech Glenda Wright

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