Senior Tech Katherine Bolivar

Fusion Engine Specialist


Katherine Bolivar is a Regular Engineer NPC, who specializes in the maintenance and desgin of fusion engine technologies (rated as a Veteran Fusion Engine Tech NPC under this specific type of work). Although a civilian who has spent most of her life working on orbital and jump-point station main engines, she has an interest in the development and design of new fusion-based generators and drives.

Although a civilian, she still has a love of money, and appreciates the finer things in life, such as good food and wine. She’s not afraid of getting her hands dirty, and is happy when she’s busy and trying to solve energy transfer equations that stump most physicists. Bolivar is insatiably curious, and likes to get to the root of any problem that she faces.

Senior Tech Bolivar has signed-up with the Dingoes as a technician, serving in their Ground Technical Group of * “The Dingo Pack”. As a specialist fusion engine technician, she is often found assisting various tech crews as a roving agent, wherever her expertise is required, and does not serve on any specific team. She has quickly become a popular sight in the repair bays. While in her travels, she is often accompanied by Tech Janet Pearson, whose skills with fusion engines have greatly helped her in her duties.

She has also acquired a MPC-1700 Scanalyzer in the process of her work, assisting in her work and study.


Katherine Bolivar is a skilled civilian engineer, who has done repair work on various stations and specializes in unusual fusion engine designs and their maintenance. Trained in the prestigious Math and Science Academy on Taurus, she proved to be a talented scientist who was in popular demand. She mostly worked on stations and cylinder colonies in orbit of Taurus, but sometimes took private work off-world, when an intriguing contract appeared.

She was approached by somewhat shady individuals about two years ago, who offered her a great deal of money to travel to an undisclosed location and work on a new project; a recently salvaged “Lavalier-Class” Laboratory Ship, that they had discovered. As the project intrigued her, she traveled to the facility (located in the deep periphery), and helped get the station active once more.The lab was quickly retrofit and she accompanied it to the destination of Dunkelheim, where it took on cargo and scientists, who began to study something very secret. All she knew, was that it involved high energy physics, and that it was very hush-hush. The site was known as “Shadow Station”.

As the months began to get close for the end of her contract, they demanded she remain until the project was complete, and as she was well-paid in cash, and they promised only a few more months of work, she agreed.

A week prior to being found by the Dingoes, she was doing routine maintenance of the drives, when klaxons sounded across the station and an explosion struck her hull. She and most of her crew managed to reach one of the two escape pods in their section, and evacuated the ship as several more explosions rattled her hull. The landing was hard, but they all managed to make it alive. They knew their station had been designed to be unseen and unnoticed over the northern pole, so they assumed invaders of some sort had found the place and attacked. The group headed out immediately for the closest landmark they knew of, the starport, but during an encounter with an armor patrol, got separated and lost each other in the dark. She was eventually found by some of the Pig-Stickers, who recognizing her as a tech and someone their bosses might find of value, brought her to the outpost for further processing. This was where the Dingoes found her.

Tech Bolivar has since accepted a “Leash” contract, and serves as a roving technician for the Ground Technical Teams of the Dingo Pack. Her skill, enthusiasm and work ethic have made her very popular among the younger AsTechs on the unit. She’s also easy on the eyes. Senior Tech Bolivar has learned she has a place in the unit, and sees herself as accomplishing something of value in her work. Recent acquisitions of LosTech have given her the opportunity to study something new, and she might even be able to get into actual research and development in the near future.

Senior Tech Katherine Bolivar

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