Senior Tech Meagara Slate

Former lead tech of the Snow Dusters


Senior Tech Meagara Slate is a Regular Tech NPC. In addition to these skills, she is a capable Regular VTOL Pilot NPC, and has been known to fly an AeroShuttle on occasion.


An aggressive woman, Senior Tech Meagara Slate is tall, red-haired, and slender, her temperment enhances her skills as a tech, keeping her active and letting few problems halt her efforts.

Meagara Slate is a lead Tech for the Iron Dingoes, heading her own technical squad and spending much of her time performing repair work on their collection of VTOLs. She often takes the position of pilot aboard the unit’s Cobra VTOL “Coatl”, and above all other vehicles in the unit is her first choice to receive parts and maintenance. When she pilots the Cobra, it raises the pilot status to “Regular” level.

Senior Tech Meagara Slate

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