Master Tech Melinda Clarke "Echo"

Staff Officer for the Iron Dingoes C&C Group


Master Tech Melinda Clarke, or “Echo” is a skilled staff officer, who joined the Dingoes during their evacuation from System – Claybrooke, following their infamous Deadwood Raid.

Master Tech Clarke is a Regular NPC Staff Officer. Although she reports to Captain Jessa Dajus-Marik “Dragonfly”, she has the constant ear of the line command officers, and wields potentially invaluable control of any combat situation in which she and her Sultan Mobile Command Post are deployed. Her diligence in operations command, is likely to result in her improvement to Veteran status in the near future.


Formerly a casual member of the Administrative staff, Melinda has proven to be grossly over-qualified, having spent years in the Andurien resistance as a field operative, Melinda was recently promoted to a position more commensurate with her skills. Now lead staff officer for the new Operational Command & Control Group of the Line Iron Dingoes forces, “Echo” is the voice most field officers hear, when new strategic information becomes available.

She has took command of the new organization within the Iron Dingoes, * “The Dingoes’ Fangs”, soon after its creation. Designed to control intelligence and communications within the Dingoes, it represented a radical shift in long-term thinking for the relatively new mercenary unit, and “Echo” has proven herself very capable of taking on the task.

With the addition of MechWarrior Faith Whinyates “Faith” to the intelligence branch, many speculate that Echo will likely retire in the coming years, and has certainly begun placing more and more responsibility on the young woman. She is still, however, the Voice of the unit during combat operations.

Master Tech Melinda Clarke "Echo"

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