Senior Tech Ralston Allen

Skilled Fusion Tech


A skilled fusion tech, Senior Tech Ralston Allen serves the Iron Dingoes aboard the “Star Talon” as its senior engineer. He is noted as tall, pushing the limits for an AeroSpace pilot, and is known as someone who keeps very much to himself.

In addition to his skills at general engineering, he is a capable shuttle pilot, a good navigator and talented computer tech. He is a Veteran NPC Fusion Tech.


Formerly a former naval engineer from the Federated Suns, he was among the crew of a system shuttle captured during a Star Talon raid in the Davion Outback. He rose quickly in the ranks, mostly fueled by his skill at engineering, and kept the fleet’s fusion engines and drives in top condition. He remained apart from the pirate politics, and became a trusted member of the Star Talon council of Marshals.

When the Interstellar Queen fell into their possession, things changed. He became infatuated with two of its crew; Tech Janet Pearson, and Tech Marguerite Phillano. In the former, he felt a kindred spirit, and in the latter, he saw the daughter he’d lost many years ago in the Davion Outback. Truthfully, Tech Pearson was aware her survival depended upon him, as this was evidenced by his use of his pistol to keep other pirates away from her, but she was not attracted to him. She tried to walk the line between friendly and overly-friendly for the entire last year. Tech Phillano became his trusted companion, and he trained her in basic maintenance routines, while she secretly tried to learn as much about their organization as possible. In some ways, he feels betrayed by this trust, but has devoted himself to his work, and stays out of everyone’s way.

Senior Tech Ralston Allen

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