Senior Tech (Research) Kianna Cyr

Young Research Tech


Senior Tech (Research) Kianna Cyr is a young Shadow Recruit with an extensive formal education, and an abiding loyalty towards the scientific community of * “The Iron Dingoes Skunkwerks”.

Although her formal education was primarily in psychology studies, her knowledge proved vital in assisting refinement of the Iron Dingoes neural interface for the refined GloryHound Exoskeleton project, and has since gone on to serve among as lead in her own small team of supporting researchers.

She is considered a Regular NPC Scientist, with a specialty in Psychology Studies.


Born in 3004, Kianna Cyr was a graduate of the national college at San Succi, and recruited as a general tech by the Iron Dingeos. After four years of general service, her scientific mind brought her to the attention of the unit’s * “The Iron Dingoes Skunkwerks” program, into which she was recruited.

In 3026, Kianna Cyr helped develop the neural network required for the development of the unit’s Battle Armor – Shadowhound project, which largely drew her to the attention of the project developers, and was assigned to the unit’s new Beakerheads group at * Sierra Madre Casino & Villa in late-3027. Serving for two more years, she achieved sufficient skill and reputation to take command of her own team in late-3030, and was granted a promotion to Senior Tech.

Presently she leads a small team in conducting support research at Sierra Madre, but is in many ways seen as their senior member and that organization’s leader.

Senior Tech (Research) Kianna Cyr

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