Master Tech (Lead Manager) Samantha Harding

Civilian Liaison Officer for Sierra Madre


Master Tech Samantha Harding is the civilian manager of the * Sierra Madre Casino & Villa, located on an isolated private reserve on the southern peninsula of The District of San Andrés, Providencia and Santa Catalina. Her title is largely honorific, but gives her a fair wage, and the ability to manage the facility with the weight of her rank, particularly in working with local suppliers and personnel.

Although having a history of acting and as a musician (she was a vocalist, but also played lead guitar and bass), she has education and experience in business management from early in her career, and has some very capable ideas on how to promote the facility and its image going forward.

Her day is largely spent in working with construction crews to conduct repairs on the Villa Residential Quarter, and in acquiring suppliers and other important contacts for the facility. At night, she is often seen among the most popular resorts, pressing flesh and slowly gaining in status among its wealthiest citizens.


Born in 2990, Harding is something of a pop star on the islands of her home in San Andrés, and comes from a family of music-loving and performing siblings, and parents of the social elite of the islands. Although she took business management in the local college, at the age of twenty she rose to fame as the lead vocalist in the all-girl band “Girls Aloud”, and in her spare time took to acting, where she managed to find some success.

In 3020, she split with her long-time boyfriend of four years, DJ Canny in a very public spat, and her personal troubles came to the attention of her fans. In 3021, her group “Girls Aloud” finished their tour, and promptly broke-up. By late-3021, Harding had checked herself into a rehab, and was being treated for various drug- and alcohol-related dependencies, related according to the press, with her break-ups and subsequent depression.

By 3022, she had managed to rebuild some of her reputation, serving as a lounge singer in various resorts across San Andrés and Providencia, and managed to find a few small parts for herself in various popular holo-novellas. In 3024, she was noteworthy as the model and spokesman for the popular “Glamorous” line of clothing. She remains single and quite vocally sober to this day.


In mid-3025, she approached representatives of * “The Iron Dingoes”, to work with them in promoting their efforts in restoring the * Sierra Madre Casino & Villa. She took advantage of the opportunity, presenting a decent plan for improving the facility, and a month later, was asked to manage the Sierra Madre, as she seemed to have some very strong ideas for its development. She accepted, and worked closely with the existing facility staff to bring the facility up to the standards it deserved.

When the Sierra Madre facility opened on January 1st, 3027, it was to great fanfare and its opening day was a blitz of social media across The New Republic of Sangria. In the years since, the facility has regained some of its reputation as a place for the rich and famous of Sangria to visit when seeking a first-class getaway. The complex has also become the primary resort for Iron Dingoes personnel, as they and their dependents receive huge discounts on services, and can travel for free on the company’s tickets through regular supply shipments to the facility from Garrison. Harding has found the place a true calling in life, and seems proud of her work, spending many long hours in her private quarters organizing work shifts and arranging for supply shipments.

In late-3030, she was promoted to full Master Tech, largely in response to the number of junior technicians increasingly assigned to the site, and as a way to acknowledge the importance of her position and assignment among the Iron Dingoes organization. While some had suggested an officer’s rank, it was agreed that her position as a civilian precluded the ability to order military personnel in a command position. She was grateful for the acknowledgement of her work, however, and happily accepted the rank.

Master Tech (Lead Manager) Samantha Harding

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