Lieutenant JG Leonard Johannsen

Second-in-Command of the "Glory Hounds"


The second ranking tanker from the Militia Armor Group “The Glory Hounds” of * “The Dead Man’s Hand”. Lt JG Johannsen was hand-picked by his commanding officer, Lieutenant SG Vikki Marcotte, to originally lead the lance of Galleon Light Tanks in the unit’s possession. His continuing loyalty and experience has earned him promotion to a Manticore Heavy Tank, and he continues to lead his own lance of armor in the unit’s “Glory Hounds”.

He is a Regular Armor Pilot NPC. In addition to his tanker skills, he is known as a good leader, though he has displayed aggressive tendencies when targets present themselves.


Originally hired on System – Heroditus during one of the Iron Dingoes numerous hiring sprees, Lt JG Johannsen has quickly risen to prove his skills and talents as a tanker. He has proven popular among the tank crews and was the best choice for the position.

He was chosen by the armor commander Lt SG Vikki Marcotte, even though he is known to be rather aggressive in combat. His files suggest that command might impress his need to act more conservatively, even though he has survived the three losses of his companion tanks, and still misses his old Galleon’s handling. He presently pilots his lance’s lead Manticore Heavy Tank asset.

Lieutenant JG Leonard Johannsen

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