Maximillian Schrek

Former Iron Dingoes AeroSpace Pilot


Former pilot of a GTHA-500 Gotha, serving in * “The Iron Dingoes”

He is an arrogant, Regular NPC Aero Pilot. Formerly a very talented shuttle pilot, he served for a couple years as an Aero pilot, before retiring back to civilian life as a shuttle pilot on “The Factory”.


A traditional “Belter” from System – Cassandra, “Max Turbo” was a skilled shuttle pilot with a lifetime of experience behind the stick of a mining shuttle. He seems to present himself as a natural combat pilot, though this remains to be seen.

He retired in early 3023, to a job as a civilian shuttle pilot in the new Red Devil Shipping and Brokerage company aboard “The Factory”. He still retains a small house in * Landhold : Garrison, but spends most of his time aboard the station.

Maximillian Schrek

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