Lieutenant JG Nick Clooney "Gunman"

Former Bandit of the Bolton Gang


Lt JG Nick Clooney “Gunman” : Former bandit and pilot of an STG-3R Stinger. Presently pilots a modified WVR-6R Wolverine, modified more to Dingoes standards of lasers and flamers.

Nick Clooney is the brother of Lieutenant SG Patrick Clooney “Shredder”. Both are typical farm lads from the backwaters of System – Claybrooke, and the small northern town of Custer. They have basic training and some practical experience in Mech Gunnery and Piloting, as well as simple banditry, driving hover trucks and shooting support weapons.

Gunman is rated a Regular NPC Mech Pilot.

Something of a lady’s man, he has made no secret of his desire to buy a “muscle car”, and saves whatever he can towards this end. He presently engages in gambling, however, and is often somewhere near the center of the drinking that actively occurs aboard the fleet’s DropShips. Nonetheless, he is a capable soldier, and has mean skills in many physical arts, has become something of a great shot with various small arms, and is fast developing good Mech skills.

Rumor has placed him being seen with Senior Tech Mitsuko Kitsune “Silver Lotus” and it is suggested the two might be involved…


Originally part of the “Bolton Gang”, he and his borther were former farmers, recruited to raid farms of supplies and cattle and make a sub-standard living through their illicit sales. All that changed, when the Bolton brothers recruited Fritz Sandleman.

Fritz knew things. His years spent working in the Deadwood factories had paid-off through teaching him how to handle IndustrialMechs, and even though he was fired on suspicion of theft, he took that knowledge with him back home to Custer. He joined the group, having “big city” experience, and began to push for leadership, ultimately planning a raid on the “Panther Gang”; a group of periphery bandits who had been trapped on System – Claybrooke for years and filled their pockets with the local’s goods and produce.

9 months before meeting the Dingoes, the bandits used their knowledge of the area and their tough little hover trucks to raid the Panther Gang after a particularly hard night of celebration; they netted four of the mechs and chased the remaining bandits away with a larger show of force than they actually had. Using the small repair facility built into the abandoned mine buildings at the “Panther Strike Mine”, the pair fought for and earned the right to pilot a pair of the battered Mechs. They’d been enjoying the power and prestige the machines have given them, but hadn’t been able to learn as much as they’d like.

He and his brother were captured by the 13th Provisional Company, (later the Iron Dingoes) when the latter raided the mine site in a counter-surprise raid. Both have agreed to pilot whatever Mechs the unit possesses, though both acknowledge they are in need of more active field combat experience.

In the year since joining the unit, Nick has proven loyal and trustworthy, looking for the opportunity to fight and turn their new skills into a real career far from the boring fields of Claybrooke. He willingly takes orders, and usually provide support for the Dingoes against infantry formations and in help bolster the support units in the Line Mechs attacks. He was promoted to full “MechWarrior” status following the long cadre contract on System – Dumassas.

In late-3023, he was transferred over to the Blood Raiders, promoted to the rank of Lieutenant, Junior Grade, and given command over the secondary lance of Mechs in that unit. He has served with distinction.

Lieutenant JG Nick Clooney "Gunman"

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