Lieutenant SG Patrick Clooney "Shredder"

Former Bandit of the Bolton Gang


Lt SG Patrick Clooney “Shredder” : Former bandit and pilot of a HER-1A Hermes. He presently pilots a OTL-4D Ostsol, having lost his beloved vintage STN-3K Sentinel, in a skirmish on System – Dumassas during the opening skirmishes against “First Fire”, and gave-up his ARC-2R Archer for a shot at command as XO in * The Blood Raiders.

Shredder is an Elite Mech Pilot NPC, and acts as the XO in * The Blood Raiders. His brother LtJG Nick Clooney “Gunman”, a lance commander in the same unit, and has served with him for many years. Both have skills in vehicle driving and in handling support weapons as a result of their time as bandits on System – Claybrooke.

Shredder has displayed a propensity to study, and has become a voracious reader, acquiring a small library since his time on System – Heroditus. In particular, he finds Star League history fascinating, and is quite skilled at trivia regarding Special Interest : Star League Military. He has also taken an interest in military Strategy, Leadership and Tactics and is a proven small unit leader.

He is often in the company of Senior Tech Brandy Wiebe “Black Rose”, whenever the two serve near each other, though of late this has been exceedingly rare. When asked both reply that they are “just friends”.


Originally part of the “Bolton Gang”, Shredder and his brother were simple farmers, and were recruited to raid local ranches of supplies and cattle and make a sub-standard living through their illicit sales. All that changed, when the Bolton brothers recruited Fritz Sandleman.

Fritz knew things. His years spent working in the Deadwood factories had paid-off through teaching him how to handle IndustrialMechs, and even though he was fired on suspicion of theft, he took that knowledge with him back home to the northern town of Custer. He joined the Bolton Brothers, having “big city” experience, and began to push for leadership, ultimately planning a raid on the “Panther Gang”; a group of periphery bandits who had been trapped on Claybrooke for years and filled their pockets with the local’s goods and produce.

Nine months before meeting the Dingoes, the bandits used their knowledge of the area and their tough little Type 74 “Buffalo” Hover Trucks to raid the Panther Gang after a particularly hard night of celebration; they netted four (4) of the Mechs and chased the remaining bandits away with a larger show of force than they actually had. Using the small repair facility built into the abandoned mine buildings at the “Panther Strike Mine”, the Clooney Brotehrs fought for and earned the right to pilot a pair of the battered Mechs. They’d been enjoying the power and prestige the machines had given them, but hadn’t been able to learn as much as they’d liked.

They were captured by the 13th Provisional Company, (later the re-organized into * “The Iron Dingoes” ), when the latter raided the mine site in a surprise raid. They agreed to pilot whatever Mechs the unit possessed, though both acknowledged they were in need of more active field combat experience.

In the years since joining the unit, they have proven loyal and trustworthy, looking for the opportunity to fight and turn their new skills into a real career far from the boring fields and cattle of Claybrooke. They willingly take orders, and usually provided support for the Dingoes against infantry formations and help bolster the line units in their larger attacks.

In late-3023, he and his brother were transferred to * The Blood Raiders, Shredder was promoted to LtSG, and given the position of XO to Captain Valentina Masterson “Valentine”. He has since served with distinction.

Lieutenant SG Patrick Clooney "Shredder"

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