Senior Scout "Scammer" Firdaaz (Deceased)

Lead Unit Field Scout


Scammer Firdaaz was a Regular (Veteran) Scout NPC.

Due to his independent work experience, he was well-trained in planetary survival and was known to possess a knowledge of many Periphery planets.

Assigned a Swift Wind Scout Car, “Scammer” had been attached to the Battlefield Intelligence division of * “The Dingoes’ Fangs”, often serving their artillery force as a spotter and an observer. Otherwise, he was often seen among the local engineers acquiring his “elixers”.


“Scammer” was an ancient Siroccan (a Coreward Periphery World) man who had seen better days. His leathery black skin contrasted the white hair atop his head, and a gold hoop earring adorned his left lobe. He was an experienced scout who still had many of the skills and know-how which once kept him alive on rugged, unexplored planets in the Periphery. He felt his tracking and survival skills would help the band, particularly if they should ever wind-up fleeing into the Periphery, and hiding on uncharted planets in the Rimward portions of the Periphery.

Of course, Scammer had his own motivations for joining the Militia. He was interested in travelling across the Inner Sphere, and based on his finances, that was only going to happen if he enlisted and served as a scout for the military. Half the time he was off-duty, he’d be drunk and if there was a glass of alcohol to be found, he’d scout it out. When not drunk, he was a grumpy and arrogant man, unwilling to follow orders he saw as dangerous without some sort of incentive. He had grew weary of shipboard life easily, and longed to get his feet onto solid ground again, especially with the opportunity to range freely and explore. When he did, however, he was positively useful.

Scammer believed he knew best, and he always let his feelings be known. His way of doing things was always best, and if someone ignored his advice and failed, he never hesitated to explain how his ideas would have been better, with a grumpy “I told you so…”. Even though he never had an official rank, and was a civilian adviser, he adapted the title “Sergeant” so that he could ignore the younger troopers who might try and tell him what to do. He was often found trying to tell the commander of the band what to do, particularly if it meant he could flee down to the local planet’s surface for a week or two…

Scammer tended to find his own little band of drunken misfits, hiding in some forgotten corner of the engineering section on-board a ship trying to get a still going. He was also well-known for sniffing out any intoxicants that someone might smuggle aboard and sampling some to keep it quiet. Although a veteran scout, his vices tended to take his edge off, making him less useful if he had access to a bottle of something local. People always said that someday, it might cost him his life.

Scammer spent some time on Pilpala along with many of the former technical staff from the 13th Provisional Company. His survival skills allowed him to actually prosper in prison, and when rescued along with the others, spent a year following along with the Iron Dingoes in their journeys, and generally staying out of danger. When the “Dingoes Fangs” formed, his personnel file came to the attention of Master Tech Melinda Clarke “Echo”, and he was assigned a formal rank and position, along with his own vehicle. He lead the small scout force as a roving agent, but really had come to enjoy the promise of spending a few years in backwater worlds, seeing some new sights, and finding new sources of liquor.

Scammer wore a prominent Mydron Autopistol he picked-up from somewhere, and carried a collection of tools for his tasks: a breath mask, macrobinoculars, a medpack, and protective sun goggles. He was often seen toting his silver flask, usually filled with his favorite; Siroccan Raava Brandy.

Scammer was slain during a scouting mission regarding the whereabouts of a Rattler (Mk 1) Mobile Fortress they were tracking. As the unit’s longest-serving scout, and one of their original 13th Provisional Company crew, he will be missed.

Senior Scout "Scammer" Firdaaz (Deceased)

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