LtJG Trooper Shiv

Pirate Trooper


LtJG Trooper Shiv was a leader-type found among the survivors of the Star Talons boarding forces. He has since recanted and taken service with the Iron Dingoes, leading a squad of trustworthy troops from his former command, as well as three recovered former pirates. Calling themselves “Shiv’s Star Talons”, they had taken a place among the unit’s Militia in * “The Cerberus Command”.

LtJG Trooper Shiv is the best recruit taken from the Militia force, and has proven himself capable, loyal and talented. Skilled in melee combat, wrestling and free-fall activities, he is a very diversely skilled soldier. He is a Veteran NPC Marine, and one of the prominent members of the StarGaards, marked by his leadership of the unit’s flagship marine platoon.

He speaks with a mix of scottish and irish accents, a fact that often throws people when they first meet him.


LtJG Trooper Shiv was once a militia trooper serving in the AFFS, who retired and spent some time wandering among the stars trying to find a place. He took service with the Star Talons, because he needed the work, and they offered very good terms and wages. The freedom to loot and rape was a bonus to most in his position, though he wasn’t very fond of the “bonus pay”, and simply took it as part of the role of being a pirate.

Following his surrender to the Iron Dingoes boarding forces aboard the “Star Talon”, he was identified as a possible means to keep his fellow pirates in-line, especially since he was tough, no-nonsense, and just as capable of ensuring order with his fists as his words. He seems “converted” to a life as a mercenary, but no one trusts any of the former troopers of the Star Talons very much.

His constant efforts in support of marine operations have earned him a promotion to a junior officer in the marines, following the unit’s Contract – Operation “Steampunk Shuffle”. He is now leading the star marine platoon in the mercenary command, all equipped in the unit’s elite Iron DIngoes “Warlord Mk2” Field Kits.

During 3022 operations on System – Redfield, he led the “away team” with intelligence and was able to recover sixty cached fusion engines and a dozen mechanics who took employment with the Dingoes. For his actions, he and his troops were commended by the unit commander. He does, however, harbour some resentment towards select members of the Command Circle.

LtJG Trooper Shiv

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