Senior Trooper Shiv

Pirate Trooper


Senior Trooper Shiv was a leader-type found among the survivors of the Star Talons boarding forces. He has since recanted and taken service with the Iron Dingoes, leading a squad of trustworthy troops from his former command, as well as three recovered former pirates. Calling themselves “Shiv’s Star Talons”, they have taken a place among the unit’s Militia in * “The Cerberus Command”.

Senior Trooper Shiv is the closest thing the Militia force has to a trusted officer. Capable in melee combat, wrestling and freefall activities, he is a very capable soldier. He is a Regular NPC Soldier.


Senior Trooper Shiv was once a militia trooper serving in the AFFS, who retired and spent some time wandering among the stars trying to find a place. He took service with the Star Talons, because he needed the work, and they offered very good terms and wages. The freedom to loot and rape was a bonus to most in his position, though he wasn’t very fond of the “bonus pay”, and simly took it as part of the role of being a pirate.

Following his surrender to the Iron Dingoes boarding forces aboard the “Star Talon”, he was identified as a possible means to keep his fellow pirates in-line, especially since he was tough, no-nonsense, and just as capable of ensuring order with his fists as his words. He seems “converted” to a life as a mercenary, but no one trusts any of the former troopers of the Star Talons very much.

Senior Trooper Shiv

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