Senior Trooper Tasia "Sureshot" Valenza

AeroSpace Reserve Pilot


Senior Trooper Tasia “Sureshot” Valenza" is the wingman to Lieutenant JG Shane “Queen of Diamonds” Vansen, serving as a reserve AeroFighter pilot in the unit’s * Landhold : Garrison.

Senior Trooper Valenza is rated a Green Aero Pilot NPC, but shows great promise once she has acclimated to her life as a combat Aero pilot. In addition, she has experience in standard VTOLs, and has flown a ST-46 Class Shuttle for several years.


Senior Trooper Tasia “Sureshot” Valenza, is a native-born pilot from System – Dumassas. Originally a conventional small craft pilot, she took service as a shuttle pilot with * “The Iron Dingoes”, serving for a few years, before qualifying as a military reserve pilot in late-3025. Presently, she pilots a Corsair in the unit’s reserve wings.

Senior Trooper Tasia "Sureshot" Valenza

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