Lieutenant JG Yineth Trujillo

Trooper of the Star's Reach Militia


A rising star among the Star’s Reach Militia Platoon, Lieutenant Trujillo has proven capable as the unit’s supply officer and head of administrative affairs. Although not the most capable soldier, she has managed to hold her own and takes matters very seriously when it enters her field of control.

Lieutenant Trujillo is a Regular NPC Infantry Trooper, with appropriate skills in Administration, Bureaucracy and Computers. She is also skilled in local Protocol (Dumassas), and speaks several local dialects. She has also recently taken some training as an air pilot.


A local girl, recruited into * “The Dead Man’s Hand”, Star’s Reach Platoon, Yineth Trujillo has risen quickly through the ranks from basic trooper until she had proven important to her platoon as it’s lead logistical trooper. In addition to serving Kaliente directly as her adjutant, she also acted as her civilian interface.

In late-3024, during the weeks prior to the end of their Contract – Operation : “Mercury Rising”, Lieutenant Trujillo, it was decided to assign a liaison officer directly to the Sangrian government, to better have the unit’s own representative available at future meetings of a military nature. Lieutenant Trujillo was promoted and assigned to this position, primarily since she was a local girl with knowledge of many of the local traditions and the language.

She was assigned a young shadow recruit as an attache, and sent to Ciudad Garcia to be available to the new president in future international discussions. While the position is largely administrative in nature, she is taking the opportunity to become a better pilot and is studying Portuguese.

Lieutenant JG Yineth Trujillo

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