Lieutenant JG Zebediah "Zeddy" MacIntyre

Former Artillery Officer of the Deadwood Militia


“Zeddy” is a skilled former bandit, who has accumulated a collection of veteran troopers once of the Deadwood Milita. He is a Regular Artillery Officer NPC, though he was once far more skilled, having lost his edge with decades of inactivity.


Although once a skilled artillery officer from the Deadwood Militia, “Zeddy” is now a grizzled war veteran. He fled the town with his crew when things took a turn for the worse several years ago (around 3008) when the town came under the control of the New Denver faction and its leader, Colonel Chestine.

For the past decade or so, he and his crew have been working as “landlords” in the abandoned Fort Anton, converting the site into a place where ne’er-do-wells from the Northern Territories can come and find a neutral ground for meetings, trade and general repairs. It has been rumored he has, however, been accepting bribes from one faction or another, since they are well-armed for an isolated band of marauders, though it might simply be the fact that his usual patrons only trade in munitions and weapons. The unit has been accepting bribes from Andurien seperatists, and have squirrled away a sizeable fortune in arms and ammunition, which they willingly gave to the unit in exchange for transport away from Claybrooke.

“Zeddy” and his collection of veteran, if older, artillery crews have called themselves “The Deadwood Thumpers”, maintaining and repairing the two Long Tom Artillery pieces Kate & Leopold, that the Dingoes acquired in their operations on Claybrooke. “Zeddy” takes special pride in his units, especially since they have been made mobile with their installation on a pair of Pike Support Vehicles. The result has been an ugly, but frightening mixture that has real potential in combat.

“Zeddy” serves Cerberus Command as lead in the Artillery Group, commanding the squad that employs “Kate”, the lead artillery piece in the Dingoes. his second Senior Trooper Edward “Pot-Shot” Farsaker serves under him, but is also a talented artillery leader, commanding “Leopold”.

Lieutenant JG Zebediah "Zeddy" MacIntyre

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