Lieutenant JG Daisha Defarannos "Elemental"

Aero Pilot


Daisha Defarannos, or “Elemental”, is a Regular Aero Pilot NPC. She flies an EGL-R6 Eagle, and is based from the “Brush Wolf”.


Daisha is a typical brash pilot – confident of her abilities and unafraid to inform everyone of it. She has good reasons to boast; she is a very good pilot. Daisha joined the force several months after Operation Darkstrike, and flew with the naval force which captured the hidden base world of some Periphery marauders.

She prefers to boast of her recent activities, particularly in the Civil War, and not dwell on the past. When she isn’t flying, she’s fairly easy-going. She enjoys lounging around the docking hangar, talking about her exploits with techs and other pilots, usually while working on her fighter.

Daisha always carries her gear bag slung over her shoulder – and always stows it in her private stores locker aboard any small craft she might fly. It includes a number of private items, some survival equipment, a hold-out pistol, a medpack, glow rods and flares, and the holo-image of her best friend she might have killed.

Lieutenant JG Daisha Defarannos "Elemental"

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