Sergeant Scoryne

MechTech NCO


Scoryne was a Regular Tech NPC.


Scroyne was a bitter woman who seemed to have been on the run most of her life. Her face was weathered and rough, although once it might have been considered pretty. Scoryne’s black hair was streaked with gray, and it was often tied back in braids to keep it out of the way. She rarely smiled, preferring to hide her emotions behind a stoic face and dark eyes.

The 3rd Marik Militia picked Scoryne up in the Sophie’s World campaign, to provide support for its Mechs and ground vehicles, and she proved perfect for the task. She had few attachments to the band, and was a staunch supporter of regulation and order, both aboard ship and in the gantries. She had a reputation for toughness, and was something of an intermediary and a confidante among the Techs since she was hired.

Although she stayed aloof from the crew (except in mediating disputes), she had developed an odd loyalty to the band, and had a healthy respect for the freedom it gave her. To many, particularly those trapped in the Pilpala Orion Prison Complex during their prison terms in 3016-17, she was more of a “mother” figure. She died trying to keep the younger dependents from harm, at the sharp end of a knife. Her loss was a hard blow to the unit.

She wore a suit of ballistic armor when in a combat situation over her coveralls, and always carried a heavy autopistol and a medpack, in addition to her shoulder bag of tools.

Sergeant Scoryne

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