Lieutenant SG Vikki Marcotte

Armor Security Officer


LtSG Vikki Marcotte is a Regular Armor NPC. Marcotte is also a skilled technician, often doing much of her own maintenance work, and rated as a Regular Tech NPC. She leads the “Glory Hounds” Militia Armor Group of * “The Dead Man’s Hand”. She is assisted by Lt JG Leonard Johannsen, a good, if overly brash tank pilot, who leads the other lance.

Marcotte suffers from bouts of radiation sickness, generated during her year of imprisonment in the Orion Prison Complex on System – Pilpala. It was said, she was put in the “Danger Zone”, because she defended various unit dependents from abuse, and refused to serve in the prison motor pool. While she has good and bad days, she still remains positive and friendly, blaming no one for her health problems.


Lieutenant SG Vikki Marcotte is a retiring, pretty, dark-haired girl who has established a good reputation as a combat armor leader through her efficiency and quiet determination. Marcotte is not the type to panic in an emergency, and it is expected she would maintain an outward calm in the performance of her mission, even in the face of certain death.

LtSG Marcotte is a skilled combat armor leader, who with a few years more experience, could easily qualify as an senior officer and a veteran pilot. She has great promise as a company commander.

Lieutenant SG Vikki Marcotte

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