Major (S-3) Walker McGuire

S-3 Operations/Training Officer of the Iron Dingoes


Major Walker McGuire is a Veteran Infantry NPC.

Serving in the * “Cerberus Command” portion of the Iron Dingoes for many years, overlooked several squads of infantry troops, who maintain the perimeter of the Iron Dingoes base assets. In addition, he acted as a senior “Weapons Master”, he worked at maintaining the unit’s small arms armories and was assisted in this duty by Lieutenant JG Dominic Reed, who looked after the heavier munitions in the Iron Dingoes’ DropShip fleet, its armor and Line Mech units. He was further assisted in training work by Lieutenant SG Grant Burke “Sabre”, the unit’s senior non-commissioned officer.

In early-3043, he was promoted to full Major, and given charge over the unit’s training operations., as its (S-3) Operations/Training Officer. Typically responsible for the planning and execution of operational plans, the wide-scale and often independent operations of the entire organization is simply impossible. Therefore, as the leading Operations officer, his chief responsibility remains in ensuring that training levels are maintained, and that the unit is homogeneous in its approach to problems and combat operations. Executing this training is the bulk of his day-to-day operational mandate, and he spends much of his time in following up on the development of the various small reserve formations within the unit as a whole. He is technically in overall command of the * “Sangrian (Air-Mobile/Mechanized) Training Cadre” and similar operations, as well as the unit’s training programs in both * The “War Dogs” College of Military Sciences, and training fields at Fort Boomerang near Corazón Airfield.


A tall, lanky man with a weathered face, Senior Trooper Walker McQuire is another Duchy of Oriente member who joined the 3rd Marik Militia as a free lancer although he had no actual military experience. Instead, he had a long and successful career in the securtiy forces of various planets, ending his career on Oriente as a well-known officer.

McGuire is a very vocal fellow who will share his opinion of anything and everything. The only problem is getting him to shut-up. He can seem very critical of people’s mistakes, but, in all fairness, he remains very straighforward about his own. The fact is, he is not so much critical, as painfully honest. He never learned the value of keeping quiet and letting matters blow over.

McGuire is best-known for his Oriente accent, and his frequent uttereance s of “G’day Mate”, and “No worries, Mate”. He tends to call infiltrators “Bunyips” and Mechs “Bigguns”.

A veteran in security, he prefers pistols and SMGs to long rifles and assault weapons.

In late-3023, he was promoted to full Captain, and given over as lead officer of the entire security arm of Cerberus Command, commanding the infantry company that looks after the Perimeter Security Group, “The Hellhounds”. He is seen as the heir to Mad Mike, slotted to eventually command the entire battalion.

Major (S-3) Walker McGuire

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