Lieutenant JG Silas Albuquerque

Junior Officer of the "White Knights"


The junior officer assigned to The Whiteshield Training Cadre, Lt JG Silas Albuquerque serves with strength and a degree of happiness in his role that few others can match. His natural charisma is obvious to any who speak with him.

Lt JG Albuquerque is considered a Regular NPC Marine Officer,. He is a skilled swimmer, and has displayed a talent for micro-gravity operations, though he needs to have more practical experience before he can improve. In addition, he spends his spare time reading and on the beach as often as possible.


A young man raised in * “The Iron Dingoes” own creche system, * “The Dingo Cub Scouts”, Lt JG Silas Albuquerque was quickly promoted to junior officer following his term as a Shadow Recruit, and given control over the newest division of the Iron Dingoes, the so-called “White Knights”.

Following their two-year stint on Islas Brasilera, the unit was quickly assigned to defense of the * Deep Ice One manufacturing plant, as that facility began spinning-up its production. The unit itself was removed from Iron Dingoes active rosters, and became a permanent garrison force supported by the operating budget of that facility.

Lieutenant JG Silas Albuquerque

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