Lieutenant JG (Intelligence) MacKenzie Williams "Solo"

Leading Comms Tech


Lieutenant JG MacKenzie Williams, or simply “Solo” in the intelligence circuits, is an enigma. Born and raised in Gollere’s * Duchy of Tharn, she has since gone on to become an integral part of the Iron Dingoes counter-intelligence services, and a mark of the future of the organization itself.

Solo is a skilled communications officer, with a natural aptitude towards communications technology, and includes a rudimentary understanding of advanced communications equipment, such as the HPG and other often restricted technologies. In addition, she is a skilled cryptologist and capable computer programmer, and well-versed in strategy and tactics. While trained in martial arts and small arms operations, she prefers to out-think her opponents and sees direct confrontation as a failure on her planning.

Reluctant to trust new individuals, seen as a virtue on her role as a counter-intelligence officer, Solo can often be too trusting of someone, once she has become their friend. This makes her have very few friends, but is slavishly loyal to them. While conservative in her fashion and language, in private she is rather fae in mannerisms, and when her guard is down, she is sarcastic, playful and daring. She relishes the taste and bite of hard liquor, but avoids it unless in a private situation with time to herself.

Solo speaks numerous languages, including French, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Mandarin Chinese and English. She is also well-versed in various Periphery protocols.

Solo has shown a fondness for more primitive landline systems, and while understanding the value of advanced nano-second relay devices, radio-interference on Terramatrix doesn’t support the technology well, and her familiarity from her origins on Gollere has led her to depend on the tech for communications in * Iron Dingoes Autonomous District (IDAD). This has actually been a benefit, as few expect the technical prowess of the Iron DIgnoes organization to use only a handful of selective, private communications lines for its own security communications. The development of ZAFO will likely play an important part in this network.



Born and raised into a minor clan in System – Gollere, Solo became a minor administrative assistant in the government.

When Governor Jenna Marcuro took control over * Duchy of Tharn, and instituted her sweeping government meritocracy changes, Solo quickly came to the fore, and was promoted rapidly to become a senior member of the Governor’s personal staff within a few years. Recognizing her talents, the Governor assigned her to educational studies, and after two years of study and work, was transferred to Garrison for advanced study at * The “War Dogs” College of Military Sciences.

When she graduated from its technical programs, she was placed within the communications operations of the Line of the Dire DIngoes. After two years of practical study, she was given a new task; study of the unit’s HPG Coms Satellite “Lost Echo”, and after a few months was detached to work with Tech Jeyne Tull to master the technology. The two spent the better part of a year together on-board “The Freedom of the Stars” and formed a close friendship that remains today, through constant long-range (and encrypted) communications.

After this, Solo was attached to the national CAT Hill communications array in The (Territorial) District of Saint Helena, Ascension and Tristan da Cunha to study its capabilities, and walked away from that facility with an intimate knowledge of its workings. From there, she was reassigned to * “The Dingoes’ Fangs”, where she serves today.

Presently, Solo operates with a fairly open schedule to monitor internal and external communications, with a small, young team of communications experts under her direct supervision. She carefully looks for errant communications, and works hard to secure the entire unit’s internal communications network.

Lieutenant JG (Intelligence) MacKenzie Williams "Solo"

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