Space Master Amy Smarthouser "Stack"

Lead Pilot of the "Cutter"


Space Master Amy Smarthouser, also known as “Stack” among her fellow pilots and engineers, is the youngest JumpShip pilot to command her own vessel under * “The Iron Dingoes” banner. Hired as a recent graduate from the Filtvelt Academy in the Federated Suns periphery, Stack commands “The Cutter”, an important courier vessel in the Iron Dingoes burgeoning merchant marine fleet, which also commands its own two DropShips, the “Meteor” and the venerable “Buenaventura”.

Stack is young, but understands the basics of FTL drives and the capabilities of her vessel, despite its age. Popular among the other young pilots, she is best known for her competitive spirit, but is also noted to be especially good at calculating jump-points and the hard math associated with such procedures. She is also capable with Computers, Fusion Tech and a good Leader. She speaks both French and English fluently, and is picking-up both Spanish and German.

In her off-duty time, she is a capable shuttle pilot, and is known to tinker with the hardline comms system of her vessel, trying to bring its more ignored systems up to proper “modern” performance levels.


A young pilot hired from the Filtvelt Military Academy, “Stack” was recruited straight from the school into service, and given command of her own JumpShip in mid-3029, taking control of “The Cutter” once that vessel cleared its repair schedule in early-3030.

She commands a small, but highly loyal crew of pilots and engineers, who are hard kept to maintain the old vessel, though it plays a valuable role in connecting the Iron Dingoes main landholds with each other, transferring goods and personnel between Gollere_, Hawktor, and Dumassas.

Space Master Amy Smarthouser "Stack"

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