Space Master Eric Severin

Lead Officer of "The Freedom of the Stars"


Space Master Erik Severin is the former lead pilot of the Interstellar Queen, and a skilled naval officer with many years experience at the helm. Aside from his raw charisma, his greatest asset has been his simple logic in any situation.

In addition, he has skills as a computer tech and is a highly capable shuttle and “bush” pilot. He is a Veteran NPC JumpShip Officer. He presently pilots “The Freedom of the Stars” for the Iron Dingoes.


Space Master Erik Severin was the former captain of the Interstellar Queen, a rare luxury Passenger JumpShip. A talented naval command officer, he is the picture of a rugged, adventuring hero; blond, blue-eyed and handsome in a rugged, worn way.

Very capable as the former lead officer aboard his JumpShip, he was a JumpShip pilot for Oberlindes Lines for the last dozen years, and a combat JumpShip pilot from the Davion Navy before that. This has given him ample experience in almost any task assigned. He readily joined the Iron Dingoes and took charge of the Starlight Seduction, when asked. He is almost necessary to maintaining control of the vessel and its crew. He presently commands the “The Freedom of the Stars”, the unit’s covert scientific and military intelligence vessel.

Space Master Eric Severin

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