Recruit "Stacker" Pentacost


Recruit Stacker Pentacost, is a recruit of * “The Iron Dingoes”.

Though given to sometime criminal tendencies, Pentacost is a talented soldier, with skills in Leadership, and various under-handed, somewhat criminal talents. He is considered a Green NPC MechWarrior. From his education, he has shown a talent for avionics, tactics and even military strategy.

Rumor has his mother as being Luna Pentacost, an infamous courtesan from The Federative Republic of San Marcos, who is beliebved to have died during the civil strife of 3025-6. She was a lover of various important politicians, and many say she might still be alive today under a different name, having tried to create a new life for herself, as she was a notorious survivor.


A war orphan from the 3024 Small War, Stacker Pentacost was adopted into the Iron Dingoes creche system in landhold-garrison, where he gained a reputation as trouble. Leading a small, though fairly unaggressive gang of teen thieves, noteworthy for their theft of various parts and supplies in a failed attempt to build their own Mech, he quickly found relief for his anarchic tendencies through its shooting programs and study of military planning, and became a talented marksman.

He graduated from * The “War Dogs” College of Military Sciences largely to his tests in the cockpit, and despite a few black marks against him.

He is awaiting assignment at this time.

Recruit "Stacker" Pentacost

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