Senior Tech (Research) Stania Borodin


Senior Tech (Research) Stania Borodin is a skilled technician formerly serving the Capellan Mechworks Section in their group of civilian researchers and scientists.

Borodin is a Veteran MechTech NPC and a Veteran Mechanic NPC. She has talents in Computers and Administration, and has a passing experience as Career (Soldier) and its own sub-set of skills. Borodin is well-known for her obsession with tattoos, hard music, harder liquor, Kuritan Anime and speaks various obscure languages in addition to fluent Mandarin and Japanese.


Stania Borodin is a workaholic from the bottom of the Capellan community. Never given the full opportunities of the other members of the technical team, she has spent her life in a series of various jobs, including a brief term of service in the military, where she was ejected for a refusal to follow orders. Highly driven and independent, she applied herself to technical work in low-prestige/high-tech jobs that still must be filled within the Confederation. Her dedication was rewarded with advanced training, and her career quickly bloomed soon thereafter. The only difficulty in gaining promotion and placement in CMS, was her security clearance; Personnel was convinced she might place well, but Internal Security had flagged her as a problem.

After willingly under-going various clearance tests, psyche evaluations, countless background checks and interrogation sessions, she was given high enough clearance to avoid questioning of her loyalty by her superiors. The CMS is her third project group, although it lies in the most sensitive and secret environments she has ever been involved in.

Borodin is an innovative and unconventional worker. An excellent example of this lies in her suggestion to use the failed MRT-WM1 Morutori Prototype as a means to test their latest design, the MRT-WM2 Mantis, using its extensive data as a valuable backdrop to further studies. Because of her work and ideas, CMS had a project quickly in the field, under budget, and testing for months before would have been otherwise.

Borodin is presently a part of the research team assigned to * “The Skunkwerks” programs, having been captured with her CMS team during operations on System – Corodiz. She has been assigned as head of the team attempting to crack the Battle Armor – Tornado PA and create a working prototype of the Dingoes own for future development.

In the years since, Borodin has been instrumental in bringing the entire power armor project to life, and has been involved in its development in a support role for more than a decade. Many speculate she is intending to retire in the near future.

Senior Tech (Research) Stania Borodin

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