Strana is a pirate from the Dark Caste group encountered in System – Hlian.

While primarily a trained soldier, he has fair knowledge of computers and security features, and served as the head of security on the “Scorpio Sidus” during its years of isolation in the Hlian system.

Strana is a straight-shooter, who doesn’t mince words and says whatever is on his mind. He makes no effort at deception, because he is something of an action juniie who enjoys the adventurous life provided by his chosen vocation as a pirate. He is equated to a status as a “Kinsmen” as the group understands pirate social constructs, and is now the captured pirate’s apparent leader.


While among the older of the pirates encountered in the Hlian system, Strana is still quite young for a soldier among the band. He is perhaps the most knowledgable about the groups “Dark Caste” pirate origins, but has been out of contact for years, and is literally light-years from the area he is used to.


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