Surtar "the Grim" Valdez

Bandit Leader


Surtar “the Grim” Valdez is a former minor leader in the bandit gang of “The Highwaymen”, based in the rural regions of * Landhold : Garrison. A fairly young man, he is best known for his trustworthiness, and has built a reputation among his gang for good leadership, in that there have been few deaths since he took charge, and the money has been good.

He can be considered a Regular NPC Scout, with skills in Tactics, Navigation (Land), and Drive (Vehicle). He is also fairly familiar with a range of popular small arms.


Little is known about the origins of Surtar, beyond his being born fairly locally, and having worked as a minor leader of this and other small gangs for his entire life. In early-3027, he took control of his gang, following the death of their leader, and several others who were assassinated under suspicious circumstances, before he was left in control of the gang.


From his ranch headquarters, Surtar manages a small gang of hovercycles and are believed to be behind various goods shipment robberies in the district, but their activities have been centered on countering the third gang in the region, the “Skull Band”. In addition to a handful of larger vehicles, their hovercycles remain their signature means of travel, and they are widely seen on the streets, back trails and roads of the region.

In addition to their large network of contacts among various ranchers in the region, they also seem to have some sort of contacts among the various shipping companies, or at least keep careful watch on shipping times.

Surtar "the Grim" Valdez

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