Captain (S-1) Susan Gibbons

S-1 Personnel Officer for the Iron Dingoes


Captain Susan Gibbons is one of the highest ranking “dependents” in * “The Iron Dingoes”. Serving as the head of personnel, she looks to the hiring and firing of the unit’s vast personnel base, a task which is larger than it appears, when you consider that the organization includes the government of the * Iron Dingoes Autonomous District (IDAD).

Susan Gibbons is closely involved with the general dependents of the unit, and while she travels extensively about the unit’s landholds, including trips to “The Factory”, she is still largely based from offices in Garrison. Her tasks include the careful study of increasing the unit’s technical base, as well as transfers and payrolls involving the thousands of military personnel of the unit. By necessity, she has become a proficient Computer operator, and Administration specialist, which is a far cry from her past as a line cook and mother. She still makes a mushroom omelette that is to kill for.

Her direct responsibilities as the unit’s (S-1) Personnel officer, is to operate as the administrative liaison between subordinate units of the organization and its central HQ, handling personnel transfers, and is often referred to in briefings as the unit’s Adjutant. She also deals with message and courier dispatches between units, and is in charge of the unit’s awards (like The Stargun and rank promotions as well.

She is married to Senior Lieutenant John Gibbons, and shares a home with him in Garrison, though they only see each other regularly on the weekends. Many of the dependents in the unit continue to look up to her and her husband, and she holds great sway among them to this day.


The history of John and Susan Gibbons is located here.

Susan Gibbons_ was promoted to the position of S-1 “Personnel” following the unit’s reorganization in early-3034, along with the change in rank to full Captain. it is expected in a few years, if she proves capable, this promotion will be to full Major.

Captain (S-1) Susan Gibbons

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