Ambassador Tabitha Stone

Unit Resource Manager (Contracts : S-8)


Shadow Recruit and former apprentice to Ambassador Inara Serra. Today, Stone serves as the lead “negotiator” of the unit’s contracts and is talented in languages, protocols and even a fairly adept shuttle pilot, with access to a converted Type-S “Seeker” Mining Shuttle in her personal name. She is also a talented mathematician, dancer, singer and musician. Her skill with computers is impressive.

Despite her youth, she serves on the unit’s Command Council as an advisor, and is often only a short hop away from any important event concerning the unit. She is also rumored to be close to the ear of Nyssa Garnet Ruxbundy-Jemmas “Nyx”, and is possibly her closest friend.


An adopted orphan, raised in the Iron Dingoes creche system from an early age, her talent in music and languages attracted her to the attention of Ambassador Inara, and she quickly became her personal Shadow Recruit.

Learning as much as she could absorb from her mistress, she has risen to take over the unit’s important contract negotiating position, and is often able to distract her opponents with her beauty, vivacious attentions and youth. Few understand that there is a great deal more to Tabitha Stone than first appears.

Ambassador Tabitha Stone

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