Talker Muriel Rose

Ambassador of Little Heaven to New Hedon and the Libertine Moot.


Lotte’s Girl Talker Muriel is a young woman from The Colony of Little Heaven. Despite her years, her adventurous attitude and bubbly personality have led her to head the colonial consulate with New Hedon.

Muriel is a Green Bureaucrat NPC. She is still very much the “farm girl” of her youth, with few skills that most might feel important for her position.

Muriel is a capable negotiator, understands local protocol, and is good with her “varmint rifle” at need. Her “southern” drawl is a little off-putting, especially since she seems to have a talent for languages and can switch to “proper” Anglo at need.


Agitating for increasing contact with the outer world, led Muriel to be chosen as the colonial contact; somewhat to get her away from the other youth, but also because she wanted to see the greater universe. Although she is young and lacks several key skills needed for her post, she is smart enough to know her weaknesses, and get the right people to do what she can’t.

As the ambassador for the colony, Muriel spends most of her time making contact with buyers for the colony’s goods (namely bauxite and a few crates hand-rolled dream-fern cigars). In her spare time, she has begun to take Aero lessons, to be able to pilot one of the colony’s new *KR-61 Class Long-Range Shuttles. Several of the colony’s youth are being sent to the consulate to learn the needed skills to maintain and pilot the vehicles; the isolation of the colony has recently been made obvious, and has led its Elder’s Council to making this concession with contacting the outside world.

It is rumored among the Dingoes, that the days spent in close contact with MechWarrior Massimo De Luca “Advocate” might have led to something more… personal…

Talker Muriel Rose

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